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Chemical Monitoring System

TrueSense* for cooling - Ready-Set-GO II
TrueSense* for Cooling Ready-Set-GO II is a fully integrated, plug and play control system for the Management of Corrosion, Scale/deposition, and Microbiological Activity in Open evaporative recirculating cooling systems. It is the perfect complement to world-class SUEZ cooling water chemistries. This cost-effective system simplifies installation and start up while providing the key features/functions of top-of-the-line cooling controllers.

TrueSense for Cooling Ready-Set-GO II will benefit your system by :
Key features of the TrueSense for Cooling Ready-Set-GO - II include :

A. Upgraded Controller
New NEMA 4X enclosure, 4-line display, improved tactile Key pad, simplified menu structure, output status LED's and greater flexibility with pump output configurations.

B. Plug and Play
Integrated panel design that minimizes on-site installation time to typically less than an hour

C. Advanced control functionality
A variety of flexible chemical feed options and control methods are available using the flexible powered, dry contact, frequency or on/off contact outputs. These include :
D. Standard Measurement Probes
Industrial probe set with thermal flow switch for reliable and dependable pH, conductivity and ORP measurement with minimal intervention, as standard.

E. Metallurgy Corrosion Rate Measurement Probes
Single or dual corrosion probes for increased corrosion monitoring, using Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) measurement for real time data that measures changes to the corrosivity of the cooling water, providing increased system protection.

A range of probe tip metallurgies are available depending upon the critical systems components. A single probe can be field fitted to the controller hardware configuration. Use of dual probes requires the addition of an extra input driver card that can be retrofitted in the field by qualified personnel into an additional expansion card slot.